As a Multidisciplinary creator
I developed several products
suitable for my specialization
both as a music researcher and a business manager,
who holds a degree in it.

In order to provide you the best lecture/ workshop
and the most accurate for your audience I make sure to:

♫  have a large and impressive repertoire
of musical topics and songs
that strengthen one’s Jewish and Israeli identity
from an indirect, “backdoor” perspective.
♫  In-depth research;
♫  accessible explanations, equal to every soul and every musical level
♫ pleasant, fluid and harmonious atmosphere
♫   creating a rich sensory experience that connects music to the soul.

In addition to creating and facilitating workshops,
I am involved in a wide variety of activities.
As an expert in popular Israeli music,
I lecture in a variety of settings,
including adult enrichment classes, companies,
lecture series for pensioners, assisted living facilities,
teachers’ in-service training courses and more.

My clients in the field of workshops include
companies, organizations, music centers,
universities and colleges, middle schools and high schools,
as well as teaching staffs and more.

I also lead musical tours abroad and am a narrator and an author.

I will be happy to plan your organization’s needs with you.
For further information
I invite you to contact me,
and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you at the lecture/ workshop!

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