Do you think you’ve seen just about everything? 
Are you sure you’ve brought every possible workshop
to your organization? 
What is it this time? 
Another workshop? 

I invite you to meet your precise goal
by breaking out of the old routine
and bringing something fresh and unconventional!
Offer your organization an original and unique workshop
that combines simulation and humor – through music.
The desired results you define at the outset
will be implemented quickly and precisely
through a meaningful and memorable workshop experience.

The workshops are modular, enabling you
to select one of three different frameworks
to meet the needs of your organization’s team:
♫   “Miniature”: A single, short lecture / workshop of up to 90 minutes in length
♫   “Mezzo” Workshop: 4-5 sessions
♫   “Symphony” Workshop: A long, comprehensive
     and deep process tailor-made
     to meet the unique needs of your organization/client,
     offering personal one-on-one and organizational group sessions

My clients include private individuals, teaching staffs,
companies, organizations, music centers,
middle schools and high schools,
as well as various youth organizations.  

I will be happy to plan your organization’s needs with you.  Tel: +972-505-650-983   

In addition to creating and facilitating workshops,
I am involved in a wide variety of activities.
As an expert in popular Israeli music,
I lecture in a variety of settings, including adult enrichment classes,
companies, lecture series for pensioners,
assisted living facilities, teachers’ in-service training courses and more.

I also lead musical tours abroad and am a narrator and author.

Read my complete curriculum vitae

Do you have any
further questions? Click here for FQA or contact me

  I hope to hear from you soon!

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