Curriculum Vitae and Occupational Experience

Academic Qualifications Academic Degrees 2019   Ph.D., Bar Ilan University, department of music. Topic of Ph.D. dissertation: “Cheers to this Nation”: National-Israeli Features in Dov (Dubi) Seltzer’s Music as Reflected  in  His Theatrical Arts and Songs 1999   M.A., Bar Ilan University, department of music. Topic of M.A. dissertation: Reciprocal influences Between Art and Popular Music […]

Who I am?

Shalom and nice to meet you,My name is Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuanan i’m famous for my “infectious” loveof diverse musical styles!In my lecturesI’ll tell youHow a song is born,share interviews I conducted with various composersand analyze the compostions in a way that is simpleand “easy to hear.” We’ll conclude by watching a videoclip of the songand […]

what is my uniqueness?

As a Multidisciplinary creator I developed several products suitable for my specialization both as a music researcher and a business manager, who holds a degree in it. In order to provide you the best lecture/ workshop and the most accurate for your audience I make sure to: ♫  have a large and impressive repertoire of […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the lectures intended for? The lectures are suitable for people: of all religious affiliations. Who thirst to learn more about the various styles of Israeli music; interested in knowing more about Israeli culture; who want to know how a song is born and to understand the close connection between lyrics and melody. In […]

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