Who are the lectures intended for?
The lectures are suitable for people:
of all religious affiliations.
Who thirst to learn more about the various styles of Israeli music;
interested in knowing more about Israeli culture;
who want to know how a song is born
and to understand the close connection between lyrics and melody.

In which languages do you give the lectures?
In both Hebrew and English

You have such a huge repertoire.
How do I choose from your selection of lectures?
I believe in matching lectures to the calendar and its current affairs,
as well as to your particular audience.

You are welcome to contact me,
We can decide together which lecture is most suitable for your audience.

What is the format of your lectures?
The lectures are given either in-person or online.
In both formats, they are accompanied
by musical demonstrations displayed on a screen.
Some of the demonstrations include historical videos.

For an encore, especially in my in-person lectures,
I will sometimes play the recorder or the recorder or the flute.

I would be delighted to advise you
and try to tailor my lectures to your audience.
Looking forward to seeing you at the lecture!

For further information
I invite you to contact me,
and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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