How is a song born?
What’s the connection between melody and lyrics? 
Would you like to enter the composers’ “parlor”

and learn how they write music? 

Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuan’s lectures
provide the answers to these questions
and many others.

Shalom. Nice to meet you.
My name is Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuan,
and I’m well known for my “infectious” love
of diverse musical styles! 
In my lectures,
I’ll tell you how a song is born,
share interviews I held with various composers 
 and analyze the compositions in a simple,
“easy-to understand”.

We’ll conclude by viewing a clip of the song
and everyone is welcome to join in –
even if you sing off-key 🤣.


The lectures combine
my broad range of skills
in perfect harmony:
as a former teacher of young people
and present-day lecturer,
musicologist, musician, instrumentalist and narrator.
They include musical, literary, cultural
and historical analyses of the period
in which the song or composition was written,
thereby creating an enriching
sensory experience that connects music to the soul.


For more information
about the lectures, please click:

Israeli Popular Music

Israeli Musicals



In recent years,
following my academic research,
I have been invited to lecture
at academic conferences
and also taken part in radio interviews
in a wide range of podcasts
and live programs.

I’ll be glad to “hit the mark”
and come up with the perfect lecture
for your audience.



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See you at the lecture!



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