Tempus fugit! Time Flies! A Workshop in Time Management through Music

♫          Understanding types of time, types of needs, and identifying them ♫          Background noises: identifying time-wasters and avoiding them ♫         Dimensions essential for prioritizing tasks and focusing on time management ♫         Similarities between the language of music and the management of time ♫         How musicians manage […]

Musical Chairs – A Workshop on Teamwork and Leadership through Music

סדנת כסאות מוסיקליים כלים שלובים פיתוח מנהלים עבודת צוות הוראה מורים סדנא ייחודית ומקורית

♫   Solo, duet, and ensemble – understanding the importance of the team ♫   Dominance and passiveness – the leader-follower relationship ♫   Demonstrating contents of teamwork and communication through musical compositions and films ♫   The influence of music on emotions and its ability to foster interpersonal communication

The Art of Listening to Heart Beats: A workshop in styles of communication through music

♫         Understanding various styles of communication, characterizing and identifying them ♫         Identifying the music behind the voices ♫         The similarity between identifying musical styles and personality styles and dealing with them ♫         The influence of music on emotions and its ability to foster interpersonal communication ♫         Dimensions essential for relationship-building communication ♫         Learning and “learning the lessons”