What was the status of the composer / songwriter on the kibbutz?

How did s/he make a living? 

The lecture focuses on the kibbutz composers and songwriters,

some of whom were born there and others
who chose to live there for at least
some portion of their lives.
During the lecture we will visit, virtually,
the highlights and unique attractions of this form of collective settlement
(e.g., the communal dining room,
the cow shed – without the smell – and so on).
In addition, the lecture will

how the kibbutz composers contributed
to the shaping of Israeli popular music
and the nation’s culture.
The lecture’s repertoire will include
Jerusalem of
Gold, The Land of Milk
and Honey,
A Walk to Caesarea, Grain in the Field,
The Valley Song

* A kibbutz is a collective communal movement in Israel
that was founded at
the beginning of the 20th century
by members of the 
Bilu movement who immigrated
the beginning, kibbutzim [the plural form]
had a reputation as being culture-loving
and fostering of the arts.
As a result, many kibbutz members became poets,
composers, musicians, actors, artists etc. 

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