Shalom and nice to meet you,
My name is Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuan
an i’m famous for my “infectious” love
of diverse musical styles!
In my lectures
I’ll tell you
How a song is born,
share interviews I conducted with various composers
and analyze the compostions in a way that is simple
and “easy to hear.”

We’ll conclude by watching a videoclip of the song
and everyons is welcome to join in –
evern if you sing a bit off-key 🤣

I focus on the Israeli popular music,
and hold a Ph.D. dissertation about Dubi Seltzer,
an Israel Prize laureate, one of the founders of Israeli musicals.

My lectures present a large and impressive repertoire
of musical topics and songs
that strengthen one’s Jewish and Israeli identity
from an indirect, “backdoor” perspective.

I created a various series which derives from my specification:
The Israeli popular music series
deals with the Israeli most prestigious composers, poets and singers.
In addition, there are two special lectures: one is about Jerusalem,
the songs that were written to the holly city,
and the Kibbutz – a collective communal settlement in Israel.

The Israeli Musicals deals with the Israeli most prestigious musicals,i.e. Kazablan
and talks about some unique phenomena of the musicals
from the Shtetel in East Europe around the 19th century
through Fiddler On The Roof
till the Israeli musicals.

As an Israeli I am honored to lecture about the holocaust
from an empowerment point of view.
Those lectures around the world make me proud.

My lectures combine my wide range of skills in perfect harmony:
as a former teacher of young people and present-day lecturer,
musicologist, musician, instrumentalist, and narrator.
The lectures include musical, literary, cultural,
and historical analyses of the period
in which the song or composition was written,
thus creating a rich sensory experience that connects music to the soul.

In recent years, following my academic research,
I have been invited to lecture at academic conferences
and also taken part in radio interviews
in a wide range of podcasts and live programs.

I’ll be glad to “hit the mark”
and come up with the perfect lecture for your audience.

Read my complete curriculum vitae here.

Want to know what people say about me as a lecturer? Click here.

See you at the lecture!


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