Shalom and nice to meet you,
My name is Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuan,
and I’m famous for my “infectious” love
of diverse musical styles!
In my lectures,
I’ll tell you how a song is born,
share interviews I conducted
with various contemporary composers,
and analyze the compositions in a way that is simple
and “easy-to hear”.
We’ll conclude by watching a videoclip of the song,
and everyone is welcome to join in –
even if you sing a bit off-key 🤣.


“Sing me your song and I’ll tell you who you are” –
a paraphrase of the saying,
“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” –
reflects the uniqueness of Israeli popular music
in a precise, experiential and meaningful way.

Do you want to have a genuine Israeli experience? 
Would you like to offer an unforgettable experience?
Dr. Asnat Goldfarb-Arzuan’s lectures
present a large and impressive repertoire
of musical topics and songs
that strengthen one’s Jewish and Israeli identity
from an indirect, “backdoor” perspective.

Asnat’s lectures include musical, literary, cultural
and historical analyses of the period in which
the song or composition was written,
thus creating a rich sensory experience
that connects music to the soul.

I’ll be glad to “hit the mark” and come up
with the perfect lecture for your audience.

See you at the lecture!


“You are a natural presenter and narrator!
You should pursue it professionally!”

After hearing this sentence multiple times
throughout my experiences presenting concerts,
and encountering some light peer pressure,
I embarked on my narration studies
at the renowned Geva Studio College.

 Since then, I have made significant improvements
in my skills and have focused my efforts on this profession.
I would be delighted to be interviewed for any relevant opportunity, whether from a business or academic perspective. 

I invite you to watch my videos,
listen to the podcasts in which I participate,
read the interviews conducted with me,
and explore the articles I have written.

 I would be happy to read your comments.


Do you think you’ve seen just about everything?
Are you sure you’ve brought every possible workshop to your organization?
What is it this time?  Another workshop? 

I invite you to meet your precise goal
by breaking out of the old routine
and bringing something fresh and unconventional!
Offer your organization an original and unique workshop
that combines simulation and humor – through music.
The desired results you define at the outset
will be implemented quickly and precisely
through a meaningful and memorable workshop experience. 

I will be happy to plan your organization’s needs with you.  


Who are the lectures intended for?
In which languages do you give the lectures?
You have such a huge repertoire.
How do I choose from your selection of lectures?
What is the format of your lectures?